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Forest of Yakushi, Machida Pond Park four seasons Aya

Doctor Pond ☆Lotus flowering information

2017.07.25 update

Flower information

Dahlia garden ☆Flowering information

2017.07.19 update

Machida City
Museum of Graphic Arts


Squirrel garden

It is product rou society in house of squirrel! It recruits participants!

2017.03.08 update

Machida citizen Literature Museum

kotobarandodetakarasagashi! Yutaka Nakagaki exhibition

2017.06.25 update

Machida Citizen's Hall


Wako University potpourri hall


Event, picup!


2017.07.12 update

Dahlia garden "raises the names of original kind"

2017.06.30 update

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2017.07.05 We issued "sightseeing in machida news" vol .21 (2017 summer issue)
2017.06.08 Press Releases "Game, hydrangea Festival"
2017.05.03 Press Releases "machida gourmet guide map" "MACHIDA Tourism Guide Map" "issuance"
2017.04.19 Press Releases "Peony garden reaches in full bloom soon"
2017.04.07 We issued "sightseeing in machida news" vol .20 (2017 spring issue)
2017.01.27 Press Releases "February 11 (soil, celebration) "the 37th Machida-shi folk art Festival"
2017.01.06 Press Releases A Happy New Year
2017.01.05 We issued "sightseeing in machida news" vol .19 (2017 New Year issue)
2016.09.09 Press Releases October 7, 2016 "Information Desk Machida tourist gallery open - reporting service of town reinforcement ~"
2016.09.03 We issued "sightseeing in machida news" vol .18 (2016 autumns issue)
2016.08.09 Press Releases "Machida Festival of the Ages 2016"
2016.07.01 Press Releases "2016 all gather! Korean lawn grass Hilo summer festival"
2016.06.11 We issued "sightseeing in machida news" vol .17 (2016 summer issue)
2016.06.04 Press Releases "Forest game, hydrangea Festival first holding of Yakushi, Machida Pond Park four seasons Aya"
2016.04.14 Press Releases Friday, April 15 "forest peony garden opening of the park of Yakushi, Machida Pond Park four seasons Aya"
2016.03.26 We issued "sightseeing in machida news" vol .16 (2016 spring issue)
2016.02.19 Press Releases We establish "the machida welcome hospitality information desk" on Sunday, February 28
2016.01.15 Press Releases Sunday, January 17 of "is enough village play with snow hold present"
2016.01.08 Press Releases Oldness and festival Tokyo 2016 "is found charm! Local marathon, 2016" branch.
2016.01.05 We issued "sightseeing in machida news vol .15" (2016 New Year issue)
2015.12.18 Press Releases "Sunday, December 20 JAF Festival branch"
2015.12.18 Press Releases Watching Sunday, December 27 Canon Eagles practice game tour is held
2015.10.25 Press Releases "Machida Festival of the Ages 2015"
2015.09.19 Press Releases "handorippukohisemina holding to enjoy at home in Machida tourist gallery"
2015.09.07 We issued "sightseeing in machida news vol.14"
2015.08.28 Press Releases "The Machida tourist gallery renewal second anniversary"
2015.08.26 Press Releases "We harvest sunflower seeds, and let's give "experience-based classroom to squirrel" in summer vacation
2015.08.02 Press Releases "Play with snow to be chilly in midsummer? It is familiar, we are enough, and snow reaches Machida Korean lawn grass Hiro from village!"
2015.06.18 We issued "sightseeing in machida news vol.13"
2015.05.02 Press Releases "Only one wedding ceremony"
2015.03.27 We issued "sightseeing in machida news vol.12"
2015.02.03 Press Releases "Saturday, February 28 "Tokyo Machida, Jomon art festival" holding"
2015.01.24 ittsukomu "hometown TV welcome back!" Well, we were introduced
2015.01.13 Press Releases "Sunday, January 18 Machida snowy open space appearance!"
2015.01.13 "Well, we are published in winter issue if little"
2015.01.06 We issued "sightseeing in machida news vol.11"
2014.10.09 We issued "sightseeing in machida news vol.10"
2014.10.01 Machida-shi is published in "JAF navigator" "autumn drive course 2014"
2014.09.18 Press Releases "October "Machida Korean lawn grass Hilo" autumn of appetite enjoyment"
2014.09.05 We meet internship student
2014.07.25 We issued "sightseeing in machida news vol.9"
2014.05.29 We issued "Ayumi of five years"
2014.05.19 Features of Machida-shi are published in "JAF MATE"
2014.04.12 Press Releases Of "miracle march Machida peony garden announced o to daily director"
2014.04.11 Tsurukawa, Miwa, Tamagawagakuen area map was made
2014.03.18 We concluded JAF and inclusion agreement
2014.02.10 We cooperated with natural experience-based event of JAF
2013.12.27 We issued "sightseeing in machida news Vol.8"
2013.12.13 Sightseeing in Machida-shi puromo-shommubi was made
2013.12.13 We attended in commemoration of the Machida squirrel garden 25th anniversary
2013.10.31 Press Releases "We could cut creation, and there was picture book" "town or old tale"
2013.10.22 2013.10.21 [press release] "Machida Festival of the Ages 2013"
2013.10.10 We participated in autumn "flower bed contest" examination committee
2013.10.03 Drive course around Machida of 2013.10.01 "JAF navigator" autumn is publishing
2013.10.01 Press Releases "Information for profit investiture of yukata de beer garden"
2013.09.13 Press Releases "Recruitment of sightseeing in the third machida photo contest 2014 notice"
2013.08.29 Press Releases "Community-based internship"
2013.08.13 Press Releases "Machida tourist gallery reopening"
2013.08.10 We meet internship student from 4 universities
2013.07.31 "Visiting Tsurukawa, Machida-shi district Shrine" map issuance
2013.06.28 On June 21, 2013, we issued sightseeing news Vol.7.
2013.06.10 It recruits the association of sightseeing in Machida-shi convention part-time service staff.
2013.05.30 We developed local application "Machida taste" newly and released.
2013.05.21 News of Machida tourist gallery temporary move with poppo Machida remodeling
2013.05.07 Product offer with Machida tourist gallery renewal OPEN!
2013.04.17 Special product of appearance hometown first "Mt. seven countries side" in Machida peony garden dining room on menu!
2013.03.27 Sales National College of Technology, design subject, study exhibition holding that is a graduate
2013.03.01 We sell zerubia steamed bun.
2013.01.01 On January 1, 2013, we issued sightseeing news New Year issue Vol.6.
2012.10.17 4 menus were added to Machida lunch newly and they received orders and have begun to attach.
2012.10.17 Sightseeing area maps "will walk ridge green walk! Under ", popular distribution
2012.08.13 Internship student finishes curriculum safely
2012.07.23 Brand New Vibe (brand-new vibe) takes office as city sales corps
2012.07.01 On July 1, 2012, we issued sightseeing news summer issue Vol.5.
2012.05.28 It is held general meeting in 24
2012.04.17 It is opened Shinjuku by joint sightseeing center!
2012.04.16 Restaurant guidebook issuance of Machida by local university student
2012.04.01 Sightseeing in Machida-shi map was renewed, and the second edition was issued.
2012.02.07 Activity of our association was introduced by sightseeing in Tokyo town development casebook (February, 2012 issuance).
2012.01.01 On January 1, 2012, we issued sightseeing news New Year issue Vol.4.
2011.12.17 "Meeting of Kamakura ancient morality, historical heritage" start
2011.12.08 Sightseeing in machinaka seminar & workshop, interim report
2011.12.05 On Monday, December 5, "machida specialties shop" opened.
2011.11.15 "Well, on Saturday, November 12, pervert forum" was held the second
2011.10.12 "Sightseeing in Machida guidebook" release!
2011.10.01 We renew 10/1, homepage.
2011.09.30 Under premium gift certificate, sale!
2011.09.30 Tsurukawa area map is renewed!
2011.04.21 "Sightseeing in Aihara area map" was issued.
2011.04.21 We issued sightseeing in machida news NO.3.
2011.02.09 We exhibited to "travel Mart".
2010.11.14 Recipe of 2010 Machida recipe contest
2010.11.10 We win "asahinichisokosho"
2010.11.07 Tamagawa University school festival "cosmos fair" business administration exhibition
2010.10.23 By International Tourist society (JAFIT) thirteenth national convention in Japan
2010.10.20 "Haramachida mall beginning in city, Silk Road of 2.6" issuance!
2010.10.17 We participated in the third general meeting of association of Japanese foot pass.
2010.10.01 Grand prix decision of "Machida recipe contest!"
2010.09.16 Station square tourist information center is open
2010.07.01 We issued sightseeing in machida news NO.2.
2010.06.04 The first general meeting is held, and is memory lecture holding on the same day, too?
2010.02.09 We participated in association of Japanese foot pass general meeting.
2009.12.09 The "sightseeing in machida news" first issue was issued.
2009.04.01 WEB site opened!
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